About this blog

Hi, I'm Vlatka, a Croatian software enginner/foodie living in Paris.

This blog is a project that combines my two biggest interests, programming and food. When I was starting my career as a Ruby on Rails developer, I decided to create a personal project on which I could practice my coding skills and improve my knowledge of the technologies I use at work. I also wanted a channel through which I could share my cooking adventures. I made some sketches, got some feedback from my designer colleagues, and started coding.

It's built using Ruby on Rails, SASS, HAML and Foundation frontend framework. It's actually a combination of a CMS and a blog. In it, you can find:

  • recipes - Recipes from the internet that I recommend or my own recipes. They are classified in three categories: breakfast, lunch/dinner and other (desserts, snacks) and can be searched by ingredients.
  • places - My favourite foodie spots in Paris and elsewhere. You can read some detailed reviews and see my Google Maps bookmarks.
  • posts - My essays on food, healthy lifestyle, travel...

I'm into healthy, organic, local, mostly vegetarian food. I love to try out new recipes and discovering new cuisines of the world. While I enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, I know that on a daily basis we don't often have those extra hours in the day, so I feature mostly simple and quick recipes - "cuisine hacks".

You can take a look "behind the scenes" at the GitHub repo, and I invite you to follow the updates on Instagram.

Hope you'll enjoy the content of my blog!